The Open Pantry Co. Team


Founder Shaun de Vries has worked in the hospitality profession for nearly 22 years. He has had the experience in working in multiple markets, including: Adelaide, Vancouver, Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne


As well as across multiple brand segments including:

High end artisan products

Quality chain store groups

Large mass multi-nationals

Across multiple products categories including:



Quick service restaurants

Fast food

This has given Shaun the ability to work in key marketplaces, and study and immerse himself in different trends and styles in the food and beverage market.

Shaun’s experience gives him a depth of knowledge of operations and management.  From owning his own businesses with Bakers Delight, an Area Manager role with the sister company in Canada, COBS Bread, Cafe Manager for The Coffee Club, Restaurant/Area Managers and Restaurant Partner with Grill’d Burgers, Group Restaurant/Training Manager with Jimmy Grants and finally Production and Logistics Manager with artisan bakery brand Baker D. Chirico.

With this knowledge Open Pantry Co. can apply the fundamentals to ensure high quality execution and operation of any food brand.



CASE STUDIES on projects Open Pantry Consulting has completed:


Hooked Fish and Chipper

Gain consistency between the three restaurants (Windsor, Fitzroy and Hawthorn, Victoria) by way of customer experience and operations

-Conduct operational reviews on all three sites and give feedback on gaps that are missing with the procedures to ensure consistency.
-Conduct mystery shopper reports on all three sites (both dine-in and takeaway) to ensure that the product is consistent amongst all sites.
-Provide advice on menu development and pricing
-Provide contacts for supply chain optimisation and point of sale merchants.
-Ongoing support and advice on new business development and business structures.
-General advice regarding recruitment, staffing and marketing.

Hooked Fish and Chipper

Hooked Fish and Chipper


4 Fingers Crispy Chicken

Open up the 4 Fingers brand successfully into Australia with three restaurants to be launched in June/July 2017
(Project timeframe from September 2016 until November 2017)

-Give feedback on site selection, design work and building works.
-Sign off on every build of all three restaurants.
-Recruit all staff of 80+ team members.
-Learn the 4 Fingers operations in Singapore and develop it for the Australian market.
-Advise on menu development for the Australian market.
-Construct and procure the supply chain model for the Australian market.
-Open all three sites with PR and marketing inline with 4 Fingers brand.
-Once all three sites were open, oversee all of them with consistent travel between the Melbourne and Brisbane sites.

4 Fingers Cripsy Chicken Australia

4 Fingers Cripsy Chicken Australia

Sideshow Burgers

To assist in opening their first burger restaurant in Rosana, Victoria

-Develop training modules for all pieces of equipment in the venue.
-Train key staff on all stations to make sure product was cooked to volume pressure.
-Conduct an operational review on the site two weeks after opening and give feedback on gaps that are missing with the procedures to ensure consistency.
-Conduct a mystery shopper report three weeks after opening to ensure that the product is consistent since the opening of the restaurant.
-Provide advice on menu development and pricing
-Provide contacts for supply chain optimisation.
-Ongoing support and advice on new business development and business structures.
-General advice regarding recruitment, staffing and marketing.

Sideshow Burgers Rosanna

Sideshow Burgers Rosanna


"I have had the pleasure of working with Shaun on off for the last 19 years. Shaun is one of the most diligent and focussed professionalsl have ever had the pleasure to work with. His attention to detail and ability to get the job done is unrivalled. I encourage you to utilise Shaun's skills if you wish for your business to grow."

- Greg Huggett, Company Director, Doughcorp (SA) Pty Ltd

"Shaun was an invaluable member of our start up team at 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken. His commitment was unwavering, his knowledge of the QSR and Fast Casual food space first rate, and his attitude and 360 degree communication skills excellent.
Shaun’s was a pleasure to work with and I’d unhesitatingly work with him again should the opportunity arise."

- Frank Wilden, Retail Food Strategist

"Have only recently met Shaun in person even though we have been in contact through LinkedIn for a while. What a pleasant surprise when finally meeting him. Such a well mannered young individual with the knowledge and passion for the industry of retail I rarely encounter, he is a credit to the youth of today and the future. I look forward to working with Shaun in anyway I can. We need more people like Shaun in our industry."

- William Harich, BDM at HURST Concept

"I am lucky to say I continue to have the pleasure of working with Shaun on multiple projects. His wealth of experience and integrity make him one of the most reliable and dedicated people I know. Shaun's passion for business comes second only to his passion and care for people. He truly and genuinely cares for his teams and it reflects in the growth of his businesses. Shaun will be happy to assist you on any level of your business, I could not speak more highly of him."

- Bekk Millswood, QLD Consultant at White Ink Consulting

"Shaun is an exceptional talent who's strength in leading both large and small teams through use of positive culture and high calibre change management skills is second to none. I have had the privilege of seeing Shaun recover failing businesses as well and provide operational structure to allow for businesses to scale up. Shaun is a gifted trainer and operations leader and I would relish the opportunity to work with Shaun again in the future."

- Kim Toovey, CEO Suki Sushi Burrito Pty Ltd.