Hospitality Consulting - 'Never Stop Improving'

Open Pantry Co. Services


  • Concept creation
  • Site selection
  • Menu development
  • Systems and processes documentation
  • Best practice management and reporting tools
  • Recruitment (one on one for managers & group interviews for casual staff)
  • Supply chain procurement
  • Training and development
  • Operational reviews
  • Mystery shopper program
  • Business planning and P&L analysis 




"I have had the pleasure of working with Shaun on off for the last 19 years. Shaun is one of the most diligent and focussed professionalsl have ever had the pleasure to work with. His attention to detail and ability to get the job done is unrivalled. I encourage you to utilise Shaun's skills if you wish for your business to grow."

- Greg Huggett, Company Director, Doughcorp (SA) Pty Ltd


"Shaun was an invaluable member of our start up team at 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken. His commitment was unwavering, his knowledge of the QSR and Fast Casual food space first rate, and his attitude and 360 degree communication skills excellent.
Shaun’s was a pleasure to work with and I’d unhesitatingly work with him again should the opportunity arise."

- Frank Wilden, Retail Food Strategist


"Have only recently met Shaun in person even though we have been in contact through LinkedIn for a while. What a pleasant surprise when finally meeting him. Such a well mannered young individual with the knowledge and passion for the industry of retail I rarely encounter, he is a credit to the youth of today and the future. I look forward to working with Shaun in anyway I can. We need more people like Shaun in our industry."

- William Harich, BDM at HURST Concept


"I am lucky to say I continue to have the pleasure of working with Shaun on multiple projects. His wealth of experience and integrity make him one of the most reliable and dedicated people I know. Shaun's passion for business comes second only to his passion and care for people. He truly and genuinely cares for his teams and it reflects in the growth of his businesses. Shaun will be happy to assist you on any level of your business, I could not speak more highly of him."
Bekk Millswood, QLD Consultant at White Ink Consulting
"Shaun is an exceptional talent who's strength in leading both large and small teams through use of positive culture and high calibre change management skills is second to none. I have had the privilege of seeing Shaun recover failing businesses as well and provide operational structure to allow for businesses to scale up. Shaun is a gifted trainer and operations leader and I would relish the opportunity to work with Shaun again in the future."
- Kim Toovey, CEO Suki Sushi Burrito Pty Ltd.